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Mom of a Missionary with Autism

on Sun, 04/14/2013 - 20:22

I have the priviledge of going to the temple yesterday as a young lady with autism took out her endowments. She will be leaving in two weeks for a full-time mission. As I reflected on the changes she has undergone, I thought about what her mother has taught, frequently at great personal sacrifice. 

As a child, this girl struggled to sit through church meetings. Her mother spent week after week in the lobby, holding the little wiggler on her lap until she learned to sit through church.

Lessons on how to act appropriately around others were repeated year after year until she could get along with others. 

A gift of song was nurtured, displayed, and used as a source of self-esteem. 

Instruction continued into the teen years with how to behave around boys and ignore the temptation of electronics during Seminary. 

The value of work and other life skills was taught through several jobs. 

Weekly Family Home Evenings and daily family prayer and scripture study reinforced important Gospel lessons on keeping commandments and receiving inspiration. After the recent changes in age requirements, this young adult made a determination to serve a mission and sought confirmation from Heavenly Father. She did what she had to do for qualification, and received a call. 

The joy on her parents' faces was impossible to describe. 

When times are difficult, it seems that change is impossible, and functional adulthood seems distant and impossible, please remember a few things:

  • Days are long when you face challenges, but years ultimately become short. 
  • Everyone can make improvement in behaviors and Gospel learning. 
  • Give yourself (and your child!) a break when things don't happen within your timeframe.
  • The blessings of enduring to the end are too large to comprehend. 

Prayers and blessings for all of you.


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